Danish grungers DARLING DON’T DANCE present a unique unity of style and substance. While unabashedly rooted in the commercial explosion of punk rock in the early ‘90s, the band’s sound also evokes the visceral Portland indie of the latter ‘90s and the artier sounds of New York and Boston in the late ‘80s.

Since forming in 2007,DARLING DON’T DANCE have played shows across Denmark, journeyed to Iceland for the celebrated Airwaves Festival, and even ventured to the U.S. three times to play a series of shows in New York. Since the release of City Ghosts in 2012 Germany, Belgium and France have also shown a great interest for the tunes of DARLING DONT DANCE.

With features in the Danish press and on national television and radio, the band have steadily garnered attention, culminating in the release of their debut EP, “Bare Frames,” on Copenhagen-based label Pad & Pen Records in 2009. The debut album “City Ghosts” was released March 26th 2012.

DARLING DON’T DANCE lack any pretension to the more fashionable reference points so casually tossed around as inspiration, and make no attempt to appease the tastemakers.

DARLING DON’T DANCE take the music of their adolescence and redress it for today. They sound like who they are: A band that was weaned on Sonic Youth, snuck their first drink with the The Pixies, and polished off the bottle with Sleater-Kinney.

On April 7th 2017 DARLING DONT DANCE released their 2nd studio album ‘Pediophobia’. Read more about the release here.