DARLING DON’T DANCE Played their first gig at The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NYC in 2007.

From 2007-2013 Darling Don’t Dance spent their summers in NYC where they produced and recorded the Bare Frames EP (2009) and the debut album City Ghosts (2012), which were mixed by the legendary American producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, The Breeders, The Kills), and mastered in collaboration with Greg Calbi.

In the first half of their career Darling Don’t Dance played a wide variety of New York underground venues, while also playing support in Denmark to a host of top Danish and international bands, such as Nephew, Magtens Korridorer, The Big Pink, EMA, and Hole, among others. In support of City Ghosts Darling Don’t Dance toured Europe (Germany, France, Holland) and have performed at Iceland Airwaves festival and a long list of Danish festivals.

Their newly released album ‘Pediophobia’ has already been named “a masterpiece”, “a powerfull comeback” and “a unique and brave album”. Darling Don’t Dance don’t shy away from dissonant noise textures, and aren’t afraid to showcase a beautiful melody either. They get under your skin with Big Muff, Sweet Honey, and fearless vocals.



2nd Single from our upcoming album is out now! ‘My Body Is A Cave’

Brand new single “Pediophobia” is out on Sep 16th on all digital platforms!


Written and produced by Darling Don’t Dance
Released by Ultrasound Records on Sep 16th 2016

Video credits:
Actor: Svend Bunch
Director, edit and cinematography: Judy Wium
Cinematography: Simon Dixgaard
Colorgrade: Mikkel Aude

Sleep little child don’t ever be blue
Just hold on tight I’m staying with you
Nothing compares that’s what they told me
But what if I’m numb what does it make me?

Sleep child

Hide in my room stroking your soft hair
Determined love, a life we once shared
Breathing for two I fear where it takes me

Sleep child
I will leave for a while
Sleep child
Beat soft little heart

‘Never Seen Anything Like This’ (live version)

Written and produced by Darling Don’t Dance

SPOT Cast er produceret i samarbejde med Det Rytmiske Musikkonservatorium, København
Fotograf: Anders Lindved


Live at RADAR, Aarhus (DK) 2016